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October 23, 2019
November 18, 2019
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Active Recovery

Active recovery consists of low or moderate-intensity exercises. This type of exercises will help you speed up recovery by increasing blood flow to your muscles and tissues, which helps them obtain nutrients (such as amino acids and oxygen) so they can repair themselves. Active recovery also helps eliminate waste products that accumulate during exercise (such as lactic acid).

Doing active recovery exercises on your off days is an excellent way to give your body a rest without being totally sedentary, especially if you are a very active person and don’t like taking days completely off. Here are some of the best active recovery exercises:

Tai Chi

A martial art and a mind-body exercise, Tai Chi is very good to develop total-body balance and awareness, and to help your body recover from the stress of intense workouts and daily life.


It’s a physical and mental discipline which is excellent as a recovery activity, because Yoga not only increases flexibility but also teaches meditation, breathing techniques and body control that gives you physical and mental peace.


A great exercise to relax joints and stretch your body. Besides, water pressure helps improve circulation in your muscles, blood vessels, and heart.


Taking a 30 or 40-minute walk around your neighborhood or local park helps your body eliminate toxins and helps you relieve stress and tension.

Staying active, having a healthy lifestyle and taking a great multivitamin like Total Mega Multi are the best combination for your body.

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