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January 16, 2020
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January 29, 2020
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Exercising Outdoors

In addition to the known benefits of doing exercise and keeping physically active, exercising outdoors allows you to connect with Mother Nature and enjoy the sunlight, as well as it gives you the feeling of freedom you don’t have inside a gym.

More endorphins are released by exercising outdoors or doing outdoor sports than in an enclosed place. For example, running for 30 minutes through a park or an urban circuit is more gratifying for the senses than doing it indoors. Besides, it is much better to run in natural circuits, since all the muscles and tendons of the limbs are exercised because there are unevenness and changes in direction and rhythm, which also develops coordination.  

Exercising outdoors improves mood and benefits mental health more than doing it indoors because exercising outdoors offers a mental stimulus that indoor exercise cannot offer, since you will be constantly changing the view, which will help stimulate your brain to a greater extent.  

Make outdoor exercises part of your lifestyle. It is a way to get a good dose of vitamin D through sunlight (which has great benefits for bone health), boosts your vitality, increases your self-esteem, and enhances your overall well-being.

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