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Isolation Exercises


Isolation exercises target a specific muscle group and use only one joint, while in contrast compound exercises use multiple muscle groups and joints. 

Adding isolation exercises to your training routine is beneficial if you want to work a specific part of your body, for example, to strengthen an area that you feel is weaker than the rest.

Some of the best Isolation Exercises are:

Lateral Raises: This is a very good shoulder strengthening exercise.

Lying Chest Fly: : It strengthens the chest muscles.

Leg Extensions: This exercise works the quads.

Calf Raises: It targets the muscles of the calf.

Standing Barbell Curls: Maybe this is the best exercise for the biceps.

Triceps Kickback: It works the triceps muscle group.

Barbell Glute Bridge: This exercise develops the glute muscles.

Dumbbell Row: It’s excellent to develop the back. 

Cable Crunches: This exercise works the abdominal muscles.

Reverse Barbell Curls: It works the front of your forearms. 

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