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May 31, 2020
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Weight Training


Weight training is a type of training in which weights (such as dumbbells, barbells or kettlebells), body weight and weight machines are used to work different muscle groups and develop muscle strength and size, as well as physical endurance.

Weight training not only helps people get stronger physically but also provides emotional and mental benefits, and levels up life quality by improving overall health and well-being.

  Here are some of the diverse benefits of this type of training:

  • Weight training strengthens the muscles, which provides better support for the joints, improves athletic performance, and reduces the risk of injury.
  • It increases bone density to keep bones strong and healthy, which helps prevent osteoporosis.
  • Older people who do weight training can prevent some of the muscle tissue loss that comes with aging, known as sarcopenia.
  • This type of training increases energy levels and physical endurance.
  • It supports cardiovascular health and prevents several diseases.
  • Intense weight training speeds up the metabolism and makes the body burns calories even for several hours after working out.
  • Boosts dopamine, serotonin, and noradrenaline levels, which can help improve sleep, mood, and prevent depression.
  • As weight training improves physical condition, confidence will increase.

Weight training is essential for sports such as bodybuilding, weightlifting, and powerlifting, while many other sports use weight training as part of their training regimen, some of which are: soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, mixed martial arts, boxing, and wrestling.

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