Bionic Test Rx [Pharmaceutical Grade Test Booster]


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  • Super Strength
  • Test Elevation
  • Muscular Weight Gain
  • Fat Loss
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Be Anabolic

Through advanced red blood cells for better oxygen and protein delivery to muscles and vital organs.

Boost Drive

With Natural Herbal ingredients extracted for there highest potency of active material like 20% Icariin and 90% Saponins.

Prohibit Estrogen

With all this boosting going on this is the one thing we don’t want heightened and the use of 7-Methoxyflavone will regulate this hormone.

Bionic TEST +Rx is a scientifically designed anabolic formula containing an all-natural product that has been theorized to significantly increase anabolic hormone levels and muscular strength in trained athletes.  In fact, Bionic TEST +Rx is thought to be one of the only natural and completely safe methods of supplementation to significantly increase testosterone by a great amount while boosting IGF-1 levels significantly and growing hormones.  Bionic TEST +Rx has also been known to increase muscle mass, strength and power as well as decrease body fat.

Bionic TEST +Rx is most effective and efficient because it increases lipolysis, thermogenesis, metabolic rate, the uptake of T3 and fat oxidation, meaning it burns like butter through unwanted adipose and visceral fat.  Bionic TEST +Rx’s scientific formulation is able to preserve muscle mass/tissue when calories are restricted or during dieting phases.  It is such a powerful anabolic formula for fat loss that has been shown to reduce fat mass and increase fat free mass (muscle) in untrained individuals.  Not many other test products can claim that.

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