Total B12 (vitamin B12)


  • Formation of Red Blood Cells
  • Oxygen Carrier
  • Energy Production
  • Cell Metabolism

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What Can Total B12 Do For You?

Total B12 is a Vitamin Supplement (also called cobalamin) which is an enriched water-soluble vitamin with a key role in the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system.

It also aids in the the formation of blood. It is one of the eight B vitamins. It is normally involved in the metabolism of every cell of the human body, especially affecting DNA synthesis and regulation, but also fatty acid synthesis and energy production. Total B12 stimulates the activity of the body’s TH1 suppressor T-Cells, which then decrease the over-production of the allergen antibody IgE in allergic individuals.

Vitamin B12 plays a vital role in the formation of red blood cells, which carry oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body – a necessity for athletic performance.

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