Total Diuretic ( Water Pills)


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Get Stage Ready Shredded

With the use of our scientist formulated Diuretic tablets!
Total Diuretic with Potassium is the most effective formulation that activates the elimination process of sodium (salt) and water from the body.
Total Diuretic sometimes referred to as “water pills.” Diuretics act by increasing the excretion by the kidneys of sodium in the urine. When the kidneys excrete sodium, they excrete water from the blood along with it. That decreases the amount of fluid flowing through the blood vessels, which reduces pressure on the walls of the arteries.

Total Diuretic can be used as a weight loss aid, usually when a large amount of weight needs to be lost in a short amount of time. The fact is that diuretics are not proven to promote the loss of fat; they simply remove retained fluid. While the scale may show the loss of a few pounds, it is a temporary loss. Best for use before / during beach vacations or contest prep!

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